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Fast answers to the most common quesitons we hear at Advanced Pest Control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm not sure if I have termites or carpenter ants. How can I tell the difference?
A. To the untrained eye, it's very easy to mistake the two. You can contact us as our technicians are well trained to offer you the correct pest identification and offer the treatment plan that makes the most sense for your specific pest problem.

Q. I have children around the house. Can you still treat my home?
A. Every pest control treatment is different. For example, baiting for rodents in your home will not require you or your children to leave the property. If a treatment for a pest like fleas was needed, you would be asked to vacate for a short time. Your Advanced Pest Control technician will advise you at the time of your specific visit.

Q. How safe are pest control treatments?
All pesticides can be hazardous. At Advanced, we use only EPA registered materials in strict accordance to the manufacturers guidelines. Our top priorities are the safety of your family and elimination of your pests.

Q. Will the treatment harm my pet?
The same precautions that apply to children should be taken. However, if you have birds, tropical fish, or other exotic pets, let your Advanced Service Technician know in case other special precautions are necessary.

Q. Will the treatment harm my plants?
No. Our inspections and treatments will not harm plants. Plants, however, can be the source of pest problems. Especially when they are brought inside or have been imported from a warmer climate.

Q. Do you have to treat every room?
No, in many cases, we can spot treat your home or business. Sometimes it makes sense to treat only the outside or to treat limited areas inside your home or business.

Q. Do I need to be worried about food stored in the kitchen?
A. Not during regular service visits, we simply ask that you keep food covered and put away. However, special preparation may be needed if infestation from food-infesting insects occurs.

Q. Is there any odor?
Not usually. Most of the pest control materials we use are odorless. However, some do have a very slight odor, similar to common household cleaners that dissipates very quickly. If you are sensitive to odors, or have allergies let us know and we can alter treatment.

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